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【Teppanyaki Course <Beef Hill>】 <All 7 items> All you can drink with me 4500 yen

【Teppanyaki Course <Beef Hill>】 <All 7 items> All you can drink with me 4500 yen

4500 yen

(Tax included) / 1 person 【Only cooking 3000 yen】

  • 7items
  • 3persons-
Reservation deadline
Until 17 o'clock the day before the desired store visit

Teppanyaki course! You can enjoy your favorite iron plate dishes and gemstone dishes from the soil furnace.

Course menu

【Appetizer】 Three small pots of the season

【Salad】 Caesar salad with thick cut ham and romaine lettuce

【Small bowl】 Hakone bun with red sea bream

【Thirteenth】 2 kinds of fresh fish and scented vegetable carpaccio

【Main】 Beef catfish Teppanyaki

【Delivery】 Eurin sauce of white fish and Hokkaido jaguar fly

【Food】 Seafood rose chirashi sushi

★ ★ ★ «All-you-can-drink plan» ★ ★ ★

Standard plan [cooking only] + 1500 yen

Premium Plan [Standard Plan] +250 yen

Platinum Plan [Premium Plan] +250 yen

★ ☆ ★ «Banquet reservation privilege» ★ ★ ★

※ Combined use of service benefits is not allowed.

【Award 1】 2 hours to earn money!

All-you-can-drink hours in 3 hours ⇒ shorten to 2 hours "at the price as it is"

«Rank up to premium plan» Everyone service

【Benefit 2】 Anniversary at our shop!

«Commemorative photo + homemade cheese cake free service»

※ Anniversary photos can be booked only for the seat or for 2 people.

※ Cheesecake is limited to reservations for 5 people or more.

Course contents vary depending on the store.

◆ Depending on the arrival status, the cooking content may change.

2019/01/15 update