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【Chicken and raw Tsukune's Chanko Nabe course】 <All 7 items> With drink all-you-can-eat 4000 yen

4000 yen

(Tax included) / 1 person 【Only dishes 2500 yen】

  • 7items
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Reservation deadline
Until 21 o'clock on the desired shopping day

"Chicken and live Tsukino's Chanko Pot" course is a course that you can enjoy the deliciousness of meat ♪

Course menu

【Small pot】 Handmade seasonal small bowl

【Salad】 Raw ham's green enzyme salad

【Thirteenth】 2 kinds of fresh fish and scented vegetable carpaccio

【Pot] Chiken and raw pickpecker Chanko Pot <Choose soup / Salt / Ginger / Red>

【Grilled Materials】 Seasonal vegetables Tadakura and Kushikino deep-fried pudding

【Lifts】 Fried chicken fried Eurin sauce

【Food】 Fukuyama Champagne noodles condiment set with soup of pot

★ ★ ★ «All-you-can-drink plan» ★ ★ ★

Standard plan [cooking only] + 1500 yen

Premium Plan [Standard Plan] +250 yen

Platinum Plan [Premium Plan] +250 yen

★ ☆ ★ «Banquet reservation privilege» ★ ★ ★

※ Combined use of service benefits is not allowed.

【Award 1】 2 hours to earn money!

You can drink unlimited time 2.5 hours ⇒ shorten to 2 hours "at the price as it is"

«Rank up to premium plan» Everyone service

【Benefit 2】 Anniversary at our shop!

«Commemorative photo + homemade cheese cake free service»

※ Anniversary photos can be booked only for the seat or for 2 people.

※ Cheesecake is limited to reservations for 5 people or more.

Course contents vary depending on the store.

◆ Depending on the arrival status, the cooking content may change.

2019/01/15 update